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Special dies for creating
Pocket Cards and ATC cards.

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What are Pocket Cards?

One sends a letter to a friend or maybe a new Pen Pal using a 9 pocket vinyl protector like baseball card enthusiasts use. You fill the pockets with cards and whatever you wish like ribbons, tags, brads. buttons, washi tape or maybe little works of art you have done.

Fold it into thirds, wrap in tissue paper, maybe a doily and ribbon depending on the theme. Put it into an envelope and head to the Post Office. The excitement will grow as you wait to receive a letter made especially for you!

You can find many Pen Pals and partners to swap with on Pocket Card Facebook groups.

Easy to use, cut beautifully!

The die cuts add a professional and fun look to your Pocket Cards!

Since pressure differs between machines, it can help to run the die through once, simply turn the die 45 degrees and cut again.

Be sure to get the Spellbinders Tool n’ One. It's useful when removing the intricate cutouts from the paper and the die.

Pocket Card Gallery

Lots of ideas for you to enjoy!


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